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Beef Suet Candle

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Discover the unexpected and savor bold flavors paired with culinary artistry with this beef suet candle recipe.

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3 pounds beef fat

Half cup water

1 tablespoon salt

Unbleached natural butcher's twine


In a roasting pan, cook beef fat uncovered in a combi oven with 80% humidity at 300 F for 90 minutes.

Turn oven down to 225 F with 0% humidity, and cook uncovered for 4 hours or until all fat is rendered.

Cut butcher's twine into 1.75 inch wicks, dip in cool rendered fat, place on parchment paper and put in freezer.

Use 2 ounce ramekins and fill each three quarters full with with strained rendered fat.

Cover with double layer of plastic wrapped tight, and cool until just below room temperature and solidified.

Make a small cut above the center of ramekin through the plastic wrap and insert frozen wick. Make sure wick stays straight and centered.

Cool in fridge first, then freezer.

Dip ramekin in hot water and flip upside down to remove candle from ramekin. Place candle in freezer until you are ready to enjoy.

Light the wick, and enjoy dipping with your favorite bread & flakey sea salt.